Stani Borowski

Stani Borowski

As a creative person, I feel moved to entertain my public. With that in mind I feel it is important to constantly offer the viewer something new. This determination gives me the strength to face constant new challenges and to develop creatively. As an artist I let myself be steered very much by my intuition. It is exciting to do what you love, while all the while remaining true to yourself.

The infinite variety in nature is the basis for my work. That applies both to the subject and to the medium I choose to work with. I love glass! But I also love wood, iron, clay and other materials. I don’t want to limit myself to just one medium. On the contrary, it is my aim to combine my favorite materials in symbioses.

Through my work I am able to explore the potential and the characteristics of these materials and use them for the creation of both my figures and my objects. I let myself gain inspiration from human or animal movements that I happen to observe by chance. I then filter these experiences through my imagination and transform them into characters and scenes. The finished work then reminds me of an incident, a situation or a person.

When someone asks me what the most important medium is for my creative work I always answer: "light."

Hot Dog II

Blown and hot sculpted glass
28.5"h x 15"w x 11"d