Reid Jacobs

Reid Jacobs

Born in 1993 Meadville Pennsylvania, I grew up in a small farming community surrounded by great craftsman and wonderful dirt roads. I have studied at the Crawford County Career and Technical Center under Dennis O’Laughlin as well as the Cleveland Institute of Art under Marc Petrovic. At the institute, I worked primarily with the traditional art of glass blowing and kiln forming. Presently I am a glass worker and technician at the Pittsburg Glass Center and have gallery representation in several locations across the United States. I am constantly in pursuit of perfecting my craft and enriching my community through what I do.

My current glasswork depicts textures and imagery from nature through functional objects. The process of creating each work is important to me and I look to emphasize multiple techniques within each piece. This body of work is a physical representation of my personal response to nature and its impact on my life. I have chosen iconic subjects from the natural world as a way to make the pieces more relatable to the viewer.

catcher by Reid Jacobs


toucan tribe by Reid Jacobs

Toucan Tribe

standing blue by Reid Jacobs

Fears of a Fly

fish net by Reid Jacobs

Fish Net

indeigenous identity by Reid Jacobs

Indigenous Identity

lady bugs by Reid Jacobs

Lady Bugs

snake by Reid Jacobs