Kari Russell-Pool

Kari Russell-Pool

Kari Russell-Pool is best known for her innovative approach to flame-workedglass. Her work is painterly. Pulling her own glass canes and coloring them with glass powders, allows for crossover between the hot shop and the torch. Filled with personal content and commentary about our present society, the hard work of relationships, and experience as a mom, her work tells many stories. From quilts and teapots, to sailors' valentines and cages, she is interested in the stories objects tell and how we elevate them into heirlooms. This body of work speaks directly to her experience as the mother of teenagers.

A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1990, Kari has recently moved back to Cleveland, Ohio after a 19 year tenure in Connecticut.

A Moment Alone by Kari Russell Pool

A Moment Alone

Flame worked glass
17.25"h x 12"d

Yard Birds by Kari Russell Pool

Yard Birds

Flame worked glass
21.5"h x 11.5"d

Wall Flower by Kari Russell Pool

Wall Flower

Flame worked glass
16.5"h x 9"d

Did You Hear Something by Kari Russell Pool

Did You Hear Something?

Flame worked glass
11"h x 8"w x 10"d

Hide the Berries by Kari Russell Pool

Hide the Berries, Phoebe’s Home

Flame worked glass
11.5"h x 16"w x 12"d

Phoebe Tea Pot by Kari Russell Pool

Phoebe Tea Pot

Flame worked glass
14.75"h x 14.5"w x 8"d

Cage of Your Own Making by Kari Russell Pool

Cage of Your Own Making

Flame worked and fused glass
20.5"h x 10.5"w x 10"d

Love Me Tender by Kari Russell Pool

Love Me Tender

Flame worked glass
15"h x 8.75"w x 8.5"d

Ivory Tacoma with Yellow Dahlias by Kari Russell Pool

Ivory Tacoma with Yellow Dahlias

Flame worked glass
12"h x 10.5"d

Blue Tacoma with Yellow Dahlias by Kari Russell Pool

Blue Tacoma with Dahlias

Flame worked glass
12"h x 10.5"d

Hope by Kari Russell Pool


Collaboration with Marc Petrovic
Blown, hot sculpted and flame worked glass
14"h x 16"w x 8"d

Run Jane... by Kari Russell Pool

Run Jane...

18"h x 14"w x 1"d