Harry Pollitt

Harry Pollitt

Like a composer searching for the "lost chord," I search for the "experience" of capturing the perfect set of interconnected curved lines and planes. I don’t just create them; I fly them; I drive them; I experience the sensuality of them.

For forty years, the tangible expression of this quest was the medium of wood. It had long been my "perfect" material. I love the feel, smell, color and character of it. Then in November 2009, a man named Ted opened my eyes to the world of sculptural, kiln cast glass — and the fire was lit anew. And like the ripples in a pond, the flow keeps expanding. I am confident in the knowledge that there is an endless set of rhythms to explore and that the purpose of life is to have the experience and the joy of pursuing it!

Enigma by Harry Pollitt


Kiln Cast Crystal Cobalt Blue
20"h x 11"w x 10"d

Red Shift by Harry Pollitt

Red Shift

Kiln Cast Crystal Yellow-Amber
15"h x 8"d

Capricious by Harry Pollitt


Kiln Cast Crystal Pale Cobalt Blue
19"h x 11"w x 9"d

Bashert by Harry Pollitt


Emerald Green Cast Crystal
13"h x 12"w x 10"d

What’s Math Got to do with It? by Harry Pollitt

What’s Math Got To Do With It?

Cast Crystal
22"h x 7"d