Derek Weidman

Derek Weidman

Derek Weidman was born in 1982, and has dedicated the last seven years to exploring lathe-based sculpture. His approach involves multi-axis turning as the foundation of his work. By using the unique shaping processes of turning, Derek has created a descriptive visual language that only the lathe can speak. This carving process creates novel representations of a wide range of subjects, from those based on human anatomy to various animal forms.

Derek works from a basic question, "What would this look like if rendered through the lens of a wood lathe?," and even with the most rigorous naturalism, an honest abstraction takes place, and for each new subject that question gets answered. So from human heads to rhinos, mandrills to birds, each idea being captured in a way it has not been expressed before.

My current body of work utilizes the passion for assembly I learned at an early age. The technical challenges I create for myself in working from vision to object provide great satisfaction. My goal is to speak to the viewer of my work through the intricacies of the wood grain. The emotion the wood can convey through the use of the grain of the material as it works in harmony with the shape of the forms is compelling. It invites the viewer along on a journey – a journey of a deeper, more contemplative experience.

fetch by Derek Weidman


Holly, Pigment
10"h x 6"w x 10"d

firebreather by Derek Weidman


Maple burl, holly, pigments
18"h x 11"w x 12"d

chameleon by Derek Weidman


Holly, acrylic paints
6.5"h x 11"w x 7.5"d

squirrel by Derek Weidman


Holly, pigments
4"h x 9.5"w x 5.5"d

denizess by Derek Weidman


Holly, acrylics
18"h x 13"w x 14"d

woodpecker by Derek Weidman


Holly, pigments
11"h x 16"w x 5"d

Painting the Sun by Derek Weidman

Painting the Sun

Collaboration with Binh Pho
Holly, maple, birch, mahogany, acrylic paints
24"h x 22"w x 21"d