Stephen Hatcher

stephen hatcher

Stephen Hatcher showed an aptitude for realistic drawing at an early age. Upon finishing high school he earned income painting murals in homes. Though art has held a lifetime interest for Stephen, several years at the University of Washington lead to degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. During his 20-year career as an electronics entrepreneur Stephen developed numerous cutting-edge devices for the wireless communications industry. Retiring from this field, Stephen turned his focus to woodturning and stone carving. Combining these techniques led to his unique style of artwork.

Spring Dawn by Stephen Hatcher

Spring Dawn

maple, mineral crystal inlay, ebony accents, colorfast dyes, rare earth magnets
6.5"h x 7.0"w x 3.3"d

A study in ebony and brass by Stephen Hatcher

A Study in Ebony and Brass

Asian ebony, brass inlay, brass powder, and rare earth magnets
6.0"h x 5.5"w x 3.0"d