Philip Soosloff

Philip Soosloff

My art is a format for expressing what I see in the world. These are the little moments or impressions that seem to hold poetic significance and when added together, enable us to experience life with a deeper insight. Also important is the conceptual approach of bridging the line between painting and sculpture. These wall pieces have been described as linking the shaped canvases of Frank Stella with the mood and imagery of Edward Hopper. My influences also include sculptors Red Grooms and Edward Kienholz.; ceramists Robert Arneson, Jack Earl, and Viola Frey; Chicago imagist painter Roger Brown, Italian metaphysical painter Giorgio DeChirco and the impressionists.

Although the concept originated in clay, the metamorphosis to my current mixed media work over the past several years is the result of the need to work larger. Weight of the work and the size limitations of kilns became problematic. Through study and experimentation, I developed a system to construct my ideas. I feel that the larger scale of the work allows viewers to experience the piece in a more powerful manner as it encompasses their overall visual range thereby causing them to "step into my reality". Smaller current pieces serve to express ideas in a more expediant manner and engage the viewer in an intimate way.

Backstage Pass by Philip Soosloff

Backstage Pass

Mixed media
33"h x 31"w x 12"d

Finding Perspective by Philip Soosloff

Finding Perspective

Mixed media
19"h x 34"w x 14"d

The Ski Bum by Philip Soosloff

The Ski Bum

Ceramic, mixed media
16"h x 35"w x 8"d

Under the Bridge by Philip Soosloff

Under the Bridge

Ceramic, mixed media
10"h x 16"w x 7"d

Generations by Philip Soosloff


12"h x 12"w x 12"d