Cherry Goldblatt

Cherry Goldblatt

My original technique manipulates beads into a composition that tends to read as a mini-mosaic. The visual experience is at once about light, color, texture and form. I am both painting with beads while at the same time sculpting the beads into the desired form. I try to vary the types of seed beads in order to enhance the contrast, shape, and movement. When I am at work, my beads seem to come to life with a voice unique unto each creation. Beads offer boundless possibilities. Working with beads gives me an inner quietness and peace unlike any I have ever known. For me, teapots are a connection to my beloved British Grandmother who lovingly served tea for any and all occasions. They are the vessel that holds the essence of all maternal: nurture and love.

I was commissioned to create beaded works for many of my previous gallery clients. In 2002, I completed a commission for B’nai Tzedek Synogogue in Potomac, Maryland, which represents the twelve tribes of Israel on the temple ark. This was a life altering opportunity that forced me “out of the box” and taught me that I was capable of working on a larger scale.

Now I am marrying the lessons learned in creating my teapots with the concept of the wall panels that I made for the arc at B’nai Tzedek Synogogue. I am enjoying taking familiar objects or an image created by a master; and interpreting them into my media.

Cause She Can Can by Cherry Goldblatt

Cause She Can Can

Teapot covered in glass beads

Mulligan Please by Cherry Goldblatt

Mulligan Please

Teapot covered in glass beads

Foodie Triptych by Cherry Goldblatt

Foodie Triptych

Glass beads
each piece 15" x 15"

Birds and Beads by Cherry Goldblatt

Birds and Beads

Porcelain armature, glass beads
7"h x 7"w x 4.5"d